Natalia Zhestovskaya

Head of the OddDance Theater, choreographer, butoh dancer, actress. She plays in the play Macbeth, staged by Luc Percival (Germany, Belgium) at the Baltic House Theater, St. Petersburg, toured as a participant in the play in Greece, China, South Korea. He is the organizer and leader of theater expeditions and laboratories in Russia and Finland. He explores the forms of movement, creates the author’s technique “Animal Style”, “Mask. Sight. Pause”.

Grigory Glazunov

Director and choreographer, dancer and author of Butoh’s teaching program. He runs the OddDance Theater. For more than 20 years he has been developing the author’s concept and methodology. It is based on the technique created in the process of numerous performances and master classes in Russia and abroad. Collaborates with masters of Butoh of the first generation Masaki Ivan and Katsura Kan (Japan). Assistant Katsura Kana in the play “Oracle and Enigma.”

Igor Lamba

Theater actor OddDance, mime, clown, film actor. Teaches pantomime, fencing and stage movement. He studied at the school-studio at the theater “Lycedei”. At various times, he was a participant and director of the movement in the play by A. Moguchy “The Bald Singer” based on the play by E. Ionesco, in the Classical Theater under the direction of L. Martynova, a clown mime in the Mimigrants Theater, a dancer in Curios Fish (director Katsura Kang, Japan). Member of international theater expeditions to the fort Zverev and Milyutin (Kronshtadt), to Paris (France) as part of a joint project OddDance and the laboratory of the Theater “Heritage”, as well as the laboratories of the master butoh Katsura Kana (Japan).

Yulia Rodina

Theater actress OddDance, performer, teacher of Russian language and literature. Member of the performances Macbeth (Baltic House Theater), «It’s All About the Moon» (project of the group «Shakin’ Manas»), «The Night Before Christmas» (directed by E. Dergacheva) and others. Member of international theater expeditions to Fort Milyutin (Kronstadt) and North Karelia (Finland) in the Bruegel project, as well as laboratories with master butoh Katsura Kan (Japan), TheAtroposTheatre (Greece) and Third Rail Projects (New York). He is engaged in classical dance, collaborates with various musicians, is interested in the topic Site specific.