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Oracle and Enigma
Mask of emotions
Old photo
A man by name
White wind
Snail Dreams
Along the wall
Forgotten tune
The Message of the Sunheads
Winter summer

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The performance of Grigory Glazunov based on the motives and impressions of Andrei Tarkovsky’s film “Stalker”. Dancing OddDance Theater – Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Each footprint is not like the others. The river flows across the body, eroding the traces left. As if not to drown in the body, not to get carried away by the game of the flow. You can stay in this water element for a long time, but sooner or later you have to moor, either to yourself, or … Find the stone bottom, push off from it in search of an inalienable life. Leave moldy waters, leave in quiet steps.

Careful step. Let the silence down. Protect yourself from the noise.
Step. Let the silence Forget the fake notes.
Step. Let the silence down. Listen to the heartbeat.
Step. Let the silence down. Find your own sound.
Step. Only yours.
Step. Watch. Turn and jump.
Where I haven’t been.
Step. All will be taken away once. But you will not disappear.

Oracle and Enigma

Staged by Japanese master butoh, choreographer and dance theorist Katsura Kan performed by OddDance Theater.

In The Oracle and Enigma, Male and Female, Love and Hate, Funny and Tragic, Fleeting and Eternal, dance hand in hand, and “we cannot hold the blind horses of our blood”, those that even the Gods cannot curb. The ideas that Kahn is wielding are the ideas of the cosmic order. And in the center of his interest is man as a microcosm and as a riddle.

Old photo

The forgotten sounds when people remember him …

An improvisation performance about a stopped moment in time.

An old photograph is a captured moment of the past in the present.
The point of contact of times.
Take a look at the old photo – there is a human presence. The stillness of figures and silhouettes begins to sound like an overture to the performance. Gradually, the invisible architecture of the relationship between people captured in the picture appears. And now comes the moment when the boundary between the image and reality breaks, the figures of people come to life, their relationships and motivations become visible. This is how the old photograph was shown, so the transformation from negative to positive occurs.
The inner chronicle looks from eternity.

Director: Grigory Glazunov
Performers: Natalia Zhestovskaya, Natalia Kolesnichenko, Yulia Rodina, Arina Nagimova, Igor Lamba, Grigory Glazunov

A man by name

The main character of the play is not named, but in the English gentleman who drinks tea and writes something, you can recognize Lewis Carroll, the creator of Alice in Wonderland. It is said that, having written “Alice”, he did not continue his literary work. They say that when the Queen of Britain, having read “Alice”, wished to see other works of the author, they could not provide her with anything except mathematical constructions and formulas. They say that Carroll has gone from reality to the world of illusions … The performance balances between the real and the fictional world, offers its subtle and slightly ironic version of the hero’s worldview 20 years after writing Alice.

Performers: Igor Lamba, Natalia Zhestovskaya, Yulia Rodina, Arina Nagimova, Irina Maximova, Elena Ermak.
Duration 50 minutes


Dedicated to all who go to other lands, who left their place of residence, who left their former life.
5 people go, go somewhere. Each carries his own suitcase. They walk for a long time, as if they are constantly on the road. They walk together and separately, in a hurry or freeze, collide, push, argue. From collisions, the suitcases open, exposing their contents. It can be the most valuable things or just unnecessary trash. In each suitcase is hidden the secret, invisible life of man, part of his invisible soul.

Performance “Suitcases” we play in different spaces in different ways, depending on the landscape, interior, environmental features.


Natalia Zhestovskaya, Natalia Kolesnichenko, Julia Rodina, Grigory Glazunov, Igor Lamba
Duration 40 minutes


He will crumple and tear his body apart
his eternal cloak will slide from him, his ribs will give birth to a song,
his own shadow will pursue him
muscles and ligaments on the back
come out like stones above water
defenseless and free
impossible quiet
powerless and powerful
he will be at the end.

The work of Grigory Glazunov, where he manifests himself as a choreographer and dancer. Gregory himself says that he is trying to slip between sleep and reality, when a dream is a slight haze between the inner and outer worlds, when everything superficial recedes, and the deep appears when the social mask flows from the surface of the face, when the melody sounding under the ribs tries become audible when it is not the eyes that look, when the body forgets to be active and dictating, but the movements turn into reflexes.
And visible finer, and quieter sounds. Piercingly thinner. Deafeningly quieter.
He will crumple and tear his body, his eternal cloak will slide off him, his ribs will give birth to a song, his own shadow will chase him, his muscles and ligaments on his back will act like stones above water, defenseless and free, impossible quiet, powerless and powerful, he will end .

Duration 50 minutes


Ashes are what used to be alive, but burned out. But from the ashes you can restore those elements from which it arose. Information about the past is hidden in the ashes, ashes are a fertilizer for new shoots.


Light is the most important source of life. Plants turn light into color through the process of photosynthesis. Moths and butterflies spellbound fly to the light source. There are species of birds that gather in flocks to watch the sunset or scream to meet the dawn.

White wind

White wind. Cover. The myth of late autumn.
There is a special wind – it is quiet and fresh closer to the earth
the surface on which all living finds shelter.
In early autumn he is still young.
Growing up, he accelerates to a soft power above, where white clouds live.
Gaining rage, he cuts and drives them down.
Tears off colored clothes from trees.
Paints burn to ashes.
A nudity of black, silhouettes like claws into the sky.
Time of sorrow is a test of strength.
Only the strong do not lose heart, are able to fight with gloom, take white clothes.
The wind is aging, weakening. Snow falls. White cover.

Mask of emotions

Solo of Natalia Zhestovskaya, a test of mimic choreography. Created in 2017 during a 2-week workshop with master Buto Katsura Kan.
Emotions on the face of the actress change the position of the body. They play a game with facial expressions and are reflected in all gestures and movements.
I was interested in the question, how much contraction and relaxation of facial muscles affects the position of the body, gesture, step? And what can be called primary – an emotion or its mask, a social mask, a familiar facial expression, invented not by me, but learned as a necessary lesson of a special tabooed contact in society. Where is my dear? Could it be hidden deep in the spine or under the thigh? How to get it from there, from under??? And if you pull it out, oh, will everything be okay with me? how will the human pack perceive me with the mask code removed? But will it be possible to push the crawled out back, to hide somewhere between the adrenal glands and the liver?

Sound – Grigory Glazunov

Duration 15 minutes