“BUTOjo” Festival
Butoh workshops by Grigory Glazunov and Natalia Zhestovskaya
Butoh workshops and lectures by Katsura Kan (Japan) in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg
“Expedition inland.” BUTO camp in North Karelia (Revonkylä, Finland)
“My name is Winter.” Winter BUTO expedition to North Karelia (Revonkylä, Finland)
Butoh workshops in Greece (Thessaloniki)
Butoh workshops in Crimea

«BUTOjo» is a small international theatre festival of various directions of performance and dance, which organizes and conducts the OddDance Theatre once a season (in autumn, winter and spring).

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Natalya Zhestovskaya and Grigory Glazunov conduct field seminars, master classes and lectures on butoh and not only in Russian cities (Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Lago-Naki, Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov, Kemerovo) and in many cities of Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Greece, Israel. They are the authors of the concept of teaching butoh.

“We are turning to your inner body, not visible, which has its own space and time. This is a personal story and experience of everyone, dreams and fears, your stubbornness and tenacity, your breathing and poetry”.

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We invite you to participate in a workshop of one of the leading contemporary masters of Buto Katsura Kan (Japan).

Katsura Kan in Saint Petersburg
Katsura Kan in Moscow
Katsura Kan in Yekaterinburg

In July 2020, we invite you to visit the Butoh camp of Grigory Glazunov and Natalia Zhestovskaya “Expedition inland”, which will take place in the art residence of Revonkylä by the famous artist Merja Malkki (Finland).

What is a BUTO expedition?
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From December 29 to January 9, the only theatrical research Butoh expedition to North Karelia, Finland will take place this winter.

What is a BUTO expedition?
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In October 2020, a butoh workshop will be held by Natalia Zhestovskaya and Grigory Glazunov in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Organizer: Maria Lappa

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